Video Marketing trends in 2021

No doughnut, 2020 has one of the nutty years in all terms. Among the chaos of pandemic, brands of nearly all shape and size adapted video marketing. And for a good reason, it has a direct impact on psychology and pumps out brands. The global crisis has brought a recent burgeoning of video entertainment.

With enhanced statistics, technologies and techniques emerging, the way we connect, attract and market our consumers is frequently changing. As per statistics from Deloitte, about 80% of consumers are paying for streaming video services which showed a spike after Covid-19 pandemic. Video marketing grows by leaps and bounds, to stay ahead in the market, you have to blend with trends.

Video advertising is likely to surge in the foreseeable future. As per a report, in the U.S it increased from $8.92 billion in 2017 to $10.8 billion in 2019, and the number is expected to shoot up till $12.66 billion by 2024. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video clip is worth millions. To help you seize the reigns of digital marketing too, we have enlisted some cutting edge video marketing trends to be followed in 2021.

Short Form videos

With Insta-reels and tik-toks, animated, your customers get attracted by short videos and jump out at them in a lively way. Short videos allow the brand to reveal its unique personality and enunciate its message in an animated way to the consumers. Videos are fun ways to describe complex business ideas entertainingly.

Shoppable Ads

Social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest host billions of videos everywhere, where users are driven to examine the products before they buy. Viewers may be able to hover over the work, knowing details and options to buy them. Just as TV Ads, video shoppable ads stimulate shoppers, drive awareness and turn into a conversion.

2D and 3D animated commercials

Animated commercials are a booming industry. Creative animated commercial videos are lucrative and park human emotions while building stronger bonds between the brand and the consumer. Instead of a hard sell, organizations are sincerely developing and sharing content about how to use their product or widening the topic of interest in their industry. High stylized motion graphics with quick transitions and amazing illustrations within 60 seconds are assets to promote and drive traffic to custom landing pages.


Podcasts become apparent on their own this year, and there are no signs of ageing. Set up live streaming videos that allow brands to amplify the way to engage with the audience. Podcasts encompass a range of niches, from insight news to interviews with thought leaders to happy clients. Podcasts are a convenient way for consumers to commute with personal and authentic touches of the brand.

360-degree videos

Visuals can immerse themselves in a stimulating environment. A 360-degree video is like a snow globe where volumetric video includes depth and space. With the advent of AR and VR, it would be easy to set out videos apart from competitive brands while giving users an elevated and personalized experience to immerse in.

Live Streaming

A big part of the appeal behind live streaming is its perceived authenticity. Live videos tend to steer the apparent path of the overly produced look of other marketing videos, and it has the potential for creating a far engaging experience for users. Live videos give customers important product information, introductions, customer support, influencer outreach and presentations in. When implemented these approaches, they generate substantial returns for brands in the areas of publicity, engagement, lead generation, downloads and much more. Make your content educational rich, entertaining and approachable, that gives your audience a legitimate stimulus to tune in.


Beyond challenges on marketing through other streaming platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, Vlogging has secured its place and continues to grow with the trend by 2021. Sophisticated vloggers use content links, live streams and ephemeral stories that are gaining prominence as they do not require much editing. They are excellent tools for celebrities, amateurs and big influencers to document day-to-day life, share their expertise, showcase talent or simply express themselves. Recently, we have seen celebrities and micro-influencers leverage this technique to interact with their fan base. The raw and unfiltered feel of vlogs promote a user to connect with the target audience on a more intimate level. It makes the brand more approachable and authentic.

Longer Ads

Youtube and Twitter have changed their tactics and introduced 6-second video ads. Many brands brace the idea and stamp the year as the age of micro advertisements. As the ad are shorts, there are minute chances that prospects will find annoying. With the benefits of short content, many companies are still diving in the arena of producing longer ads. As per a study conducted by Digital Content Next, 40% online ads from 2018 to 2019 had an average of 15 seconds. We can predict that longer video ads are not going to be obsolete soon. It might thrive engaging and interactive types of video formats.

Final thoughts

Sight, sound and motion have unleashed its new roots that no one can imagine in recent years. With the golden age of video, video advertising is poised to become a marketing barrage. Video marketing would continue to be part of marketing plans. Optimize your content and jump on the video marketing bandwagon to drive health communication strategies and garner larger audiences.